Analytical Testing: Why Honeyman Delivers More Than Just Results

With a reputation that spans decades, the Honeyman Group is expertly equipped to deliver analytical testing from its UK based contract laboratories. It provides expert consultancy and services to the giants of industry and independent companies alike on the subjects of Pharmaceutical Water Systems and Sterilisation in Production, Product Quality Control and Environmental Monitoring

There are a number of core elements you look for as standard in an analytical testing partner:

Analytical Testing

  • MHRA accreditation
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) 
  • Quality Assurance Management to Regulations
  • Test Method Development
  • Reliability 
  • Established track record
  • Lean Laboratories 

Of course, these are all part of Honeyman Laboratories Analytical testing provision.

But more than this ...

The team of Microbiologists, Chemists, Validation and Regulatory professionals at Honeyman is actively encouraged to harness their enquiring minds for the benefit of clients. From the moment a test project is first presented, they begin consulting and thinking, exploring ideas as to how to best devise test methods. This is particularly interesting when a request is uniquely specific, where methods do not already exist and need to be devised specifically to meet client requirements.

When test results are delivered they will analyse and make recommendations about why the particular anomaly or result might be presenting.  The team is happy to take their expertise out of the laboratory and into client working environments to consider factors that may be adversely affecting your outputs and products, making recommendations as to how issues could be resolved.  

In addition to analytical testing services, Honeyman subject experts deliver training and consulting worldwide for clients and partners.

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