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High accuracy, rapid turnaround COVID-19 Active Virus PCR Screening and Antibody Testing, UK & Ireland

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High accuracy, rapid turnaround COVID-19
Antibody Tests & PCR Screening, UK & Ireland

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What getting an antibody test will tell you & how your business benefits

A positive antibody test will tell you whether you’ve previously had the virus that causes COVID-19 and that your body has produced an immune response.  For those running a business or team this can be helpful when devising back to work plans and contributing to strategies that cope with staff and resourcing concerns.  

  • These tests give large organisations a way forward in terms of minimising unnecessary and precautious staff absence, i.e. self-isolation. This can lead to a higher active workforce, lower disruption and greater output.
  • "Help beat Covid-19 together” by preventing a second spike in workforce incidents through increased testing.
  • Help provide statistical analyses to build a better picture of the pandemic and help form a strategy for future pandemics with the aim of keep human and financial losses to a minimum.

In the meanwhile, this dual test is one of a kind, best in class IgG and IgM detection.  Ig refers to immunoglobulin, M and G are different classes of antibodies that differ in function of immune response or during different stages of the body’s defence.  They indicate whether people have had the virus, and so whether or not they could be immune. Tests are done by taking a blood sample and looking for the presence of these two different COVID-19 antibodies.  

Antibody testing is seen as an important part of the Government's approach to ending the lockdown and opening up the economy.

How PCR Screening can be useful in the back-to-work strategy

The joint approach of using regular, low-cost, PCR Screening along with a programme of Antibody Testing can enable organisations to deploy a testing and back-to-work strategy using the latest, best in class detection available.

There are several ways in which a business might access and use Antibody Testing and PCR Screening. Government guidance currently states we do not know how long an antibody response lasts, whether the antibodies produced are effective in neutralising the virus, or whether having antibodies means a person cannot transmit the virus to others. In time, as the science develops and our understanding of the disease increases, we will have answers to these questions.

Our facility offers both PCR Screening and Antibody Testing, this dual approach can prove to be helpful across a range of situations, including:

  • Research Studies - Test a sample of staff to gauge infection levels or deploy studies to model trends
  • Policy - Use testing to help create and communicate further policies to help staff remain safe
  • Plans - Review options to consider how phased and rolling testing can be effectively deployed
  • Travel - For companies where travel overseas and driving are required test could inform
  • Shifts - Increasing numbers of shift workers in larger factories have produced startling results lately, test your team

Assured Screening is a trading name of Honeyman Group Limited, 30 years established as a leading Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Healthcare laboratory. 

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, Honeyman has been active in supporting the COVID testing effort, working alongside the COVID Volunteer Testing Network. Operating from two purpose-built COVID facilities, Honeyman uses the latest and most technologically advanced COVID-19 testing instrumentation in the world, including the Quotient MosaiQ for COVID IgM/IgG antibody detection.

Honeyman is partnering throughout the UK and Ireland with clinics, pharmacies, healthcare professionals and occupational health organisations to provide testing to individuals and businesses. These clinical partners provide patient services; booking appointments, sampling equipment, phlebotomy etc. Reports are returned to clinical partners for interpretation and reporting back to patients.

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