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In line with the growing trend for subject matter experts, the Honeyman Group has introduced a new professional status, Accredited Specialist, which demonstrates technical expertise and competency through a formal qualification. With the increasing focus on ASTM E2500 and the regulatory pressures being placed on sites to foster and cultivate knowledge and skills, it is expected that as with the Qualified Person (QP) status this will become an industry standard qualification.

Download PDF: Honeyman Accredited Specialist Pharmaceutical Training Courses Info Sheet

What is an Accredited Specialist (AS)?

An Accredited Specialist is an individual that has successfully completed a formally assessed and accredited training course, demonstrated a high level of knowledge and thorough understanding of a particular subject, and is competent in identifying, managing and evaluating system and process improvements.

How do I become an Accredited Specialist?

The Accredited Specialist status in a subject can be obtained by successfully completing one of our Principles in Practice training courses which have been accredited by Teesside University. In addition to attending the course, you will be required to complete a series of formal assessments demonstrating your knowledge and understanding.

Currently, the Accredited Specialist status is available in:

Further courses will be added to this range in the near future, to broaden the choice of Accredited Specialist (AS) subjects on offer.

What will I be required to do?

Inform us that you’d like to be assessed for accreditation by ticking the box when registering for your chosen course, we’ll then send you your information pack which outlines the pre-course preparation and reading that you’ll be required to complete, and e-mail you the link to enable you to enrol as a part-time student of Teesside University. Your pre-course preparation, which should take 5 days to complete, will include data collection and a written review and appraisal of applicable site systems and processes (500 – 1,000 words). You will then attend your chosen course. At the end of the course you will be required to stay behind and complete a written examination. Upon your return to site you’ll have 12 weeks to complete a project which will demonstrate and consolidate your learning, this should require a minimum of 10 days input and will be formally assessed by the Course Leader and an Examiner from Teesside University.

What are the benefits of becoming an Accredited Specialist?

  • Become a subject specialist
  • Gain an internationally recognised University Certificate in Professional Development (UCPD)
  • Accrue recognised degree level credits
  • Access Teesside University’s library, resources and Virtual Learning Environment
  • Identify and develop process improvement opportunities to increase your site’s efficiency
  • Obtain feedback on your process improvement ideas from our expert team of Lecturers and Consultants
  • Be able to formulate, implement and evaluate improvements to satisfy regulatory requirements, new product innovations and evolving business objectives

I need to obtain approval from my employer; how will they benefit from me studying for an accredited course and becoming an Accredited Specialist?

In addition to widening your knowledge and skill set, as part of your assessment you’ll be reviewing your site’s systems and processes and generating a process improvement plan with the objective of de-bottlenecking, driving cost savings and increasing efficiency. This will have been reviewed and assessed by our expert consultants and lecturers who will provide advice and guidance on the most cost effective and compliant solutions. Once an Accredited Specialist, you’ll have an in-depth knowledge of a subject and be able to formulate, implement and evaluate improvements to satisfy regulatory requirements, new product innovations and evolving business objectives.

What is driving the need for Accredited Specialists?

A number of factors including current regulatory inspection trends, new standards such as ASTM E2500 and the focus to contract work back in are all resulting in a significant need for subject specialists. These factors will all contribute to increased ownership and control, improved compliance, reduced operating costs and an improved knowledge base but require up to date knowledge and expertise in the form of technical subject specialists.

Can I become an Accredited Specialist in more than one subject?

Yes, each course has been designed to stand alone or complement the others. Our range of accredited courses will soon be expanded to help you meet your career objectives, personal interests and site’s requirements. Becoming an Accredited Specialist in multiple subjects will demonstrate your technical abilities and commitment to becoming a specialist within the pharmaceutical industry.

Prerequisite before undertaking Accredited Specialist option

Delegates must have previous knowledge and experience of working with the accreditation subject prior to enrolment on the chosen course. Please contact the Honeyman Group for further details.

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