What is Honeyman e-Learning?

e-Learning provides another flexible way to train your staff. Honeyman Group can provide a bespoke software package tailored to your specific learning objectives. These training modules can be completed by your staff online, at a time to best suit them and at their pace. There are many different subjects available from Microbiology to problem solving within the pharmaceutical environment.

How do we do it?

We like to customise our e-Learning packages for our clients so you will be assigned a dedicated Honeyman Laboratories Software Engineer so that your range of training modules can be developed following an agreed project plan. The outcome will be a range of online training software that all required staff can use. The flexibility of the system also allows users to create certificates for physical training records in line with GMP expectations.

Honeyman e-Learning software can be tailored to your specific operating procedures / requirements and integrated with your LMS. The software features tutorial slides, videos, interactive exercises and assessments.

Is e-learning something that your company would like to consider? Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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