Become an Accredited Sterilisation Specialist

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Critical Factors for Sterile Product Manufacturing 21-24 May 2019, UK, 4 day

Aseptic Processing: Principles in Practice® 4-6 June 2019, Dublin, 3 day

Pharmaceutical Sterilisation: Principles in Practice® 17-19 Sept 2019, UK, 3 day

Accredited Specialist in Sterilisation 17-19 Sept 2019, UK, 3 day + Assignment 

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Become an Accredited Sterilisation Specialist

Sterilisation is a critical process in the Pharmaceutical industry. 

Mastering people, processes, technology (and microbiology) is essential for compliance and success. 

Are you fluent in key issues of sterile and aseptic product manufacture:

  • What causes wet loads for porous load sterilisation?
  • What is biological indicator D-Value determination?
  • What acceptance criteria do I apply for fluids load sterilisation?
  • What are the EP/USP requirements for biological indicators?
  • Will proposed changes to Annex 1 for sterilisation impact my operations?
  • How do I rationalise/justify the choice of worst case loads for validation?

Join our accessible training in the UK & Ireland to answer these questions and more:

Further your career, company and site success, become an Accredited Specialist

Benefits of being an Accredited Specialist?

  1. Identifying and developing process improvements to increase your site’s efficiency
  2. Getting feedback on your ideas from our expert team of Lecturers and Consultants
  3. Formulating, implementing and evaluating improvements to satisfy regulatory requirements, new product innovations and evolving business objectives
  4. Becoming a subject specialist, a subject matter expert (SME), with an internationally recognised University Certificate in Professional Development

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Sterile Product Manufacture
Critical Factors, UK

21st - 24th May 2019

  • The manufacture of sterile products is subject to special controls and relies heavily on the competence and knowledge of everyone involved in the process.
  • This course covers all key aspects of sterile product manufacture, for both aseptically prepared and terminally sterilised products.
  • Understand common cGMP deficiencies and what inspectors are looking for. 

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Aseptic Processing: Principles in Practice®
4th - 6th June 2019

  • On completion of this course, with the knowledge gained, you will look at aseptic processing from a new perspective.
  • Suitable for all members of staff working with aseptic processes in sterile product manufacturing operations.
  • Introduce new thinking to your site and team for process validation and risk assessment. 

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Pharmaceutical Sterilisation: Principles in Practice®
17-19 Sept 2019

  • This course provides a comprehensive understanding of sterilisation processes, cGMP requirements and industry expectations for routine operation, monitoring and control. 
  • With practical examples of how techniques are applied through appropriate engineering to ensure reliability in full compliance with EU and US regulatory requirements.

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Engaging Life Science Training Courses: Pharmaceutical Water Systems; Microbiology; Sterile Product Manufacture; Cleaning Validation; Pharmaceutical Sterilisation; Microbial Risk Management During Cleanroom Operations; Biotechnology. 

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