New Honeyman Training at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dublin 

As Honeyman Group continues to develop its range of branded training courses via the long established 'Principles in Practice'® series, we are pleased to announce that in April 2019 the extremely popular Pharmaceutical Water Systems training course is to be held at the state of the art Bristol-Myers Squibb facility in Dublin, Ireland.

The course will run over two days and is an abridged version of the three day 'Principles in Practice'®.

During the course there will be the opportunity for delegates to tour some of the site's pure water installations and to speak to Bristol-Myers Squibb personnel about owning and managing these systems within the pharmaceutical regulatory environment. This shared experience will be invaluable to other pure water system owners and users, and for those planning to build new systems in the future.

This 2 day course will explain:

  • The current pharmacopeial specifications and requirements for pharmaceutical water
  • The uses and applications for water in the pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing facilities
  • The methods of purification for Purified Water and Water for Injections
  • The building blocks of water systems, and how to configure them to maximise reliability and performance
  • Microbiological challenges including Biofilm and how to control them
  • The design principles and standard industry practices in storage and distribution systems
  • Approaches to quality, management and control of systems
  • Workshops designed for delegates to put the principles into practice

For details and to book Pharma Water Systems Training Ireland click here

Also new for June 2019 in Ireland, Honeyman is launching a new Aseptic Processing Course to take place in Dublin. A must for those involved in working with aseptic processes in sterile product manufacturing operations. 

We guarantee that on completion of this course, with the knowledge gained, you will look at aseptic processing from a new perspective. 

Suitable for all members of staff working with aseptic processes in sterile product manufacturing operations

For details and to book Aseptic Process Training Ireland click here

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