Why Big Pharma Trusts Honeyman

Image Source: ProClinical

Image Source: ProClinical

Why do professionals from 9 out of 10 top pharmaceutical companies in the world choose Honeyman Training as their preferred company for CPD?

If there is one thing that defines our industry it is trust, from pharmaceutical water and steam systems to sterility assurance and validation. We are a trusted partner, helping those vested with the mantle of trust to assure compliance in their Pharmaceutical Science, Engineering and Production endeavours.  

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Delegate Feedback:

  Operations Lead, Pfizer

"The course really helped to put things into perspective with a very good balance of theory, practical and workshop." 

Head of Production, Roche

"Wonderful, enjoyed the way the course was presented and access/availability of lecturer."

QC Team Leader, Johnson & Johnson

"Working exercises were excellent, lab based d value testing etc."
Sterility Assurance Lead, Sanofi

"A really well organised course, very informative and enjoyable."

Liquid Media Shift Supervisor, Merck

"Excellent course which greatly added to previous knowledge and confirmed / clarified existing knowledge."

Process Engineer, Novartis

"An excellent course. What made this course stand out was having the tutors to answer questions as Subject Matter Experts."

Specialist QA/QP, Amgen

"Excellently delivered, strongly recommend, the training material is invaluable and provides a continuous reference point in our routine duties."

VP Quality, GSK

"Excellent course, brilliant overview. Particularly liked the introduction and Validation."

Manufacturing Engineer, Bristol-Myers Squibb

"Really enjoyed the course and content was very relatable."

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2019 Specialist Subjects - CPD for Pharma Professionals

Pharmaceutical Sterilisation: Principles in Practice® 17-19 Sep, UK, 3 day 

Microbial Risk Management During Cleanroom Operations 24-25 Sep, UK, 2 day

Pharmaceutical Water Systems: Principles in Practice® 15-17 Oct, UK, 3 Day

Cleaning Validation - Current Requirements 22-23 Oct, UK, 2 day

Pharmaceutical Microbiology for Non-Microbiologists 19-20 Nov, UK, 2 day

Biotechnology: Principles in Practice® 21-22 Nov, UK, 2 Day 

Critical Factors for Sterile Product Manufacture 26-29 Nov, UK, 4 Day

Pharmaceutical Sterilisation: Principles in Practice®

UK: 17 - 19 Sept 2019

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of sterilisation processes, cGMP requirements and industry expectations for routine operation, monitoring and control.

With practical examples of how techniques are applied through appropriate engineering to ensure reliability in full compliance with EU and US regulatory requirements.
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Microbial Risk Management
During Cleanroom Operations

UK: 24 - 25 Sept 2019

The course will provide a basic understanding of the Risk Management of Contamination (RMC) system that can be utilised for the control of contamination during manufacturing operations in Cleanrooms.

All general sources of cleanroom contamination, their routes of transfer and the associated control methods will be discussed and a method of assessing their risks to product explained.
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Pharmaceutical Water:
Principles in Practice®

UK: 15 - 17 Oct 2019

Purified water is the #1 raw material in pharmaceutical manufacturing, used at almost every stage of the manufacturing process.

This industry-leading Honeyman Training course is a must for anyone involved in designing, building, owning and operating pharmaceutical water systems.
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Cleaning Validation - Current Requirements

UK22 - 23 October 2019

Join us for a detailed introduction to Cleaning Validation.With up-to-the minute best practice, cGMP expectations and regulatory issues for EU and US markets.

Validation of cleaning procedures is critical for any cleaning programme as defined in the current GMP Guidelines (Annexe 15, Section 10).
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Pharmaceutical Microbiology
For Non-Microbiologists

UK: 19 - 20 Sept 2019

This course is designed to give non-microbiologists a comprehensive introduction to microbiology so that they can engage in the required control measures, investigations and corrective actions.

Microbiology is unseen and data is history, effective control requires all disciplines to be involved in the control measures and any out of specification investigations.

Controlling microbiology throughout the manufacturing process is a key success factor for production.
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Principles in Practice®

UK: 21 - 22 Nov 2019
A comprehensive overview of biotechnology, focusing on the development of a single processing route, key techniques, materials and requirements for producing a range of products.

Includes guidance on validating, verifying and quantifying techniques and systems to maximise quality and consistency.
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Sterile Product Manufacturing
Critical Factors

UK: 26 - 29 Nov 2019

New course topics include: RABS & Isolator Technology, Sterilisation Methods, Aseptic Processing & Process Simulation, HVAC, HACCP Principles, Cold Chain Transport, Risk Management Workshops.

This course covers all key aspects of sterile product manufacture, for both aseptically prepared and terminally sterilised products.
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Engaging Life Science Training Courses: Pharmaceutical Water Systems; Microbiology; Sterile Product Manufacture; Cleaning Validation; Pharmaceutical Sterilisation; Microbial Risk Management During Cleanroom Operations; Biotechnology.

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