On-Site Training

Our on-site bespoke training courses are ideal for clients who require training for more than 6 delegates. Experience has shown that delegates gain much more from a training course if they can relate the course content directly to their job or function. By including site specific content, such as sample documentation, procedures, photographs, video and even final product, delegates are able to instantly relate to and apply the learning to their job role. It is also much more likely they will raise topics and issues generating group discussion and further ideas for improvement.

Our on-site training courses can be tailored by mixing and matching elements from any of our courses to meet specific needs.

Why Choose An On-Site Course?

Reduced Cost Per Delegate

Once travel, accommodation and expenses have been accounted for, offsite training courses can prove to be expensive when several delegates require training. This cost is removed when running a course on your site.

Retain Key Team Members On-Site

A two day training course can often result in key team members being off-site for almost a week once travelling time has been allowed for. An on site course ensures minimal time away from site.

Site Specific Content

Our training can be tailored to include site specific content, making the course both more appicable and appealing to attending delegates.

Mix and Match

Select elements from any of our training courses to suit specific site training requirements.

Accredited Specialist Qualification

The Accredited Specialist qualification can still be offered when courses are held on client site.


An assessment can be included at the end of the course. This may be an existing site specific assessment programme or we can develop an assessment to suit your needs.

Operator Training

Honeyman Training Offers a choice of one day on-site courses designed specifically for operators working with sterilisation processes, pharmaceutical microbiology and working in a cleanroom environment, covering:

  • Working in a Cleanroom Environment 
  • Working with Sterilisation Processes 
  • Introduction to Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  • Feedback

    100% of Honeyman Training delegates would recommend our courses to other professionals.Our specialist training courses have been described by delegates as "deeply engaging, dynamic", "highly interactive" and "a perfect balance between theory and practice".

    Read more testimonials here from delegates and clients.

    If you are interested in learning more about our on-site training courses, want to get a deeper understanding of the all aspects covered in a tailored programme at your facility, please contact us directly using the form below or call us on +44 (0)1833690101 to discuss your on-site team needs for training.

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