UCPD Microbial Risk Management During Cleanroom Operations

UCPD Microbial Risk Management During Cleanroom Operations

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Microbial Risk Management During Cleanroom Operations

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The course will provide a basic understanding of the Risk Management of Contamination (RMC) system that can be utilised for the control of contamination during manufacturing operations in cleanrooms.

Microbial contamination of aseptically prepared pharmaceutical products will be considered but the methods presented can also be applied to various cleanroom healthcare products and other manufacturing activities. The mechanisms of microbial contamination explained are also applicable to inert particle contamination and the principles covered can also be utilised for this application.

The course will provide an understanding of the fundamental mechanism of contamination transfer, via surface contact or from airborne deposition, and how this mechanism is used to provide the most accurate methods of assessing risk, defined as the number of microbes likely to be deposited into a product. All general sources of cleanroom contamination, their routes of transfer and the associated control methods will be discussed and a method of assessing their risks to product explained. Further methods, to assess the risks to product from activities associated with a particular manufacturing process within the critical cleanroom areas, will be detailed. An understanding of how the identified risks, or their methods of control, can be monitored and limits set to ensure that contamination is adequately controlled are outlined. Additionally, a method for determining the risk to the patient, from aseptically manufactured products, by considering factors relating to the chance that it contains sufficient microbes to initiate an infection, will be presented.

Who Should Attend This Course?

The course is suitable for all personnel involved in the management and operation of cleanrooms including Production Managers and Supervisors, Quality Assurance, Microbiologists, Sterility Assurance Specialists and Sterility Assurance Engineers.

Course Features

This University Certificate in Professional Development (UCD), delivered in Barnard Castle, is an Accredited Specialist Training Course delivered in association with Teesside University.

Course Content

Day 1

  • Course introduction and workshop expectations
  • Risk Management of Contamination (RMC) during cleanroom manufacture
  • Identification of sources of contamination, transfer routes, key control measures and the use of risk diagrams
  • Level 1 Risk assessments for general cleanroom areas
  • Level 2 Risk assessments for aseptic filling processes

Day 2

  • Level 3 Risk assessments for critical area contamination (airborne disposition)
  • Level 3 Risk assessments for critical area contamination (surface contact)
  • Establishment of an effective monitoring programme and regular verification of the risk system, documentation and staff training
  • Assessing microbial risk to patients from aseptically manufactured products

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UCPD Microbial Risk Management During Cleanroom Operations

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