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​HydroGienic® Short Video

​HydroGienic® Short Video

Transforming Pharmaceutical Water

​HydroGienic® Business Case

​HydroGienic® Business Case

Free from traditional constraints

Conventional Stainless Loop

Conventional Stainless Loop

Distributing compendial water

Purified Water / WFI Storage & Distribution 

Once water has been produced at the desired grade, it needs to be stored and distributed to the users within the facility whilst maintaining its quality. Honeyman can design and build any sized vessel to a range of finishes suitable for storage of bulk compendial grade water.

With regards distribution, Honeyman offers two solutions.

  • Stainless steel ring mains
  • HydroGienic® parallel distribution

Whilst both systems are suitable for all grades of water, and fully sanitizable by heat, Ozone and chemicals, there is a distinct different between the two options.

Conventional stainless steel loop

A conventional stainless steel ring main design typically involves pumping water from the vessel around the facility to a number of different user points or off-takes in a serial connection and back to the storage vessel. Whilst a conventional stainless steel ring mains is currently the most common way of distributing water throughout facilities, it is not without its limitations.

Careful considerations should be given to the design, layout and capacity of the loop, to ensure sufficient flow rates are being delivered to each user point irrespective of which user point is being operated.

When designing a stainless steel ring mains, it is also critical to ensure each future upgrade is being considered upfront, as moving or adding user points in the future, comes with significant challenges and disruptions to the facility.

A detailed review of the challenges with a conventional stainless steel distribution loop is provided in the form of an informative white paper, downloadable from our Knowledge Hub.

HydroGienic® parallel distribution

Facilities are ever changing, the practicalities and high cost of maintaining such a rigid system are making an increasing number of sites consider Honeyman’s alternative solution—HydroGienic®.

The HydroGienic® system can deliver purified water and WFI to each user point or off-take in a parallel fashion, creating each off-take in isolation. This not only makes is very easy to install, it also allows for easy addition or relocation of off-takes without minimal disruption of the facility.

For more details on HydroGienic® and for a full overview of the benefits, please visit the dedicated HydroGienic® page.

Download PDF: HydroGienic® Brochure

To discuss your PW / WFI storage and distribution requirements, please contact us with your details and a brief introduction, so we can arrange a call back at a time convenient to you. 

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